August 2016

Doodle China


We have just finished the files for "Avenue" and "Capital Lux", which will be our two main releases for Spiel'16, held in Essen, Germany in October. The files are sent to the manufacturer these days.


It has also been decided that "Doodle City" will be published in Chinese, in a brand new version including two playable cities: "Suzhou" and "Shanghai". The first one is a rethemed version of basic Doodle City, while the city of Shanghai introduces completely new rules and new ways of scoring.


This version does of course have a Chinese name. Translated it means something like: "Drawing and Travelling Through a Small Town in Water."

Since that title might not work so well in English, we decided to nickname it "Doodle China". Even if this game is not published by us, we will hopefully get copies to sell for Essen, so we made the game part of our Spiel'16 preorder offer.



- Eilif & Kristian



July 2016

The art of Art directing


In Aporta Games I have the privilege of working with highly skilled graphical artists. When we hire an artist for a project, they have at first (of course) no idea what the game is about, what our vision for the game is, or who is the target audience. Therefore I often put together some initial sketch in photoshop just to give the illustrator some idea of what we have in mind - and something that can be used as a basis for further ideas.


In retrospect it can be fun to see how, in dialogue with the artist, the art for each game develops and sometimes (luckily) end up far from our initial thoughts.


That, and it's always great to see artists turn my crap into gold.


- Kristian

My inspirational piece

Gjermund's final art


Artwork: Gjermund Bohne

Doodle City - Artwork: Gjermund Bohne

Gjermund's 1st sketch for Doodle City

My suggested edit

Gjermund's final art

My suggested box front, using Kwanchai's art

Kwanchai's final art

Capital Lux

also needed a back side..

Gjermund's final layout

Capital Lux


Illustrations: Kwanchai Moriya Layout : Gjermund Bohne

Automania - Artwork: Gjermund Bohne

My first sketch for what would become "Automania"

Final art

(second edition)

Gjermund's first ultra-raw sketch

Blah blah too cartoony blah blah too friendly blah blah too colourful

BGG-users' feedback

Blah blah more cartoony blah blah more friendly blah blah more colourful

Our feedback

Final art

(first edition)



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